Buckles and Bends


This can happen to both the inner and outer lip of the wheel, resulting in air pressure loss, uneven tyre wear, vibrations while driving and wheel alignment issues. In most cases, bent wheels can be safely straightened. At Wheel Collision, each wheel that is brought in for wheel straightening is carefully inspected before and after the process to ensure the wheel is safe for performance.

Recommended Repair: For repairs inside of the wheel, get our “while-you-wait” wheel straightening service available at any Xpress Repair Centre at participating TYRES & MORE® or Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores. For damage is on the face of the wheel, contact our full wheel refurbishment centres.


Kerb Rash

Curb rash damage on an alloy wheel
Curb rash damage on a Ferrari wheel

When parking close to an obstruction, driving on a flat tyre, or hitting debris or some other road hazard, wheels can experience light cosmetic damage such as scuff marks, scratches, or finish deterioration. To bring a wheel back to its crowning glory, it would require the machining away of the damage on the wheel and restoring it with a factory-like finish at a fraction of the cost of replacing.

Recommended Repair: For small to minor wheel repairs, we recommend our Mobile Mag Medic service that brings alloy wheel repair right to your doorstep.

Cracks and Gouges

Gouge damage on a car wheel
Cracked car wheel

Cracks and gouges can occur from a hard impact such as a hitting pothole, curb, speed bump, accident or other road hazards. To restore the wheel, the cracked or gouged area will be filled with a durable weld that will not alter the structural integrity of your wheel and allows for a safe repair. However, if the damage affects the integrity of the wheel, this would compromise your safety and we would advise that you replace the wheel.

Recommended Repair: Repair in this case would require welding and straightening that could be completed as part of our Full Wheel Refurbishment service.


Corrosion damage on a car wheel
Corrosion damage on a Mercedes Benz wheel

Corrosion is caused from external elements such as road chemicals, tar and tyre sealants. Paint that is flaking on the alloy wheel itself can allow water to seep in accelerating the corrosive deterioration of the wheel. In addition, the loss of tyre pressure caused by corrosion-induced rim leaks can lead to dangerous under-inflation. Using proprietary corrosion solutions, we cleanse the infected areas, bringing back to its original look at a fraction of the cost of replacing it with a new wheel.

Recommended Repair: To restore the original look of your wheel, contact us about our Full Wheel Refurbishment service.