If your vehicle is vibrating and the steering wheel feels shaky, know that this is not normal and that your alloy wheels may be bent or buckled. This should be checked immediately to ensure your safety, the safety of your loved ones and other road users. At Wheel Collision, we are committed to identifying and rectifying the problem of damaged wheels to allow for a smoother, more enjoyable ride, to help preserve your tyres and add kilometers to their lifespan.


Man straightening a wheel

What causes bent alloy wheels?

Alloy wheels may bend for several reasons, but usually some form of impact is involved. This may be potholes, raised manhole covers, speed bumps or curbs, there are many road hazards that can bend a wheel, causing it to become deformed or warped. Because the spokes must be on the front side of the wheel, it’s almost always easier to bend the wheel on the back, or “inboard” side, making it difficult to see the bend whilst a wheel is still on the car.

What are the effects of bent alloy wheels?

Over time, alloy wheels can incur several bends in different areas of the wheel. Vibrations can be felt while driving, along with a shaky steering wheel. Furthermore, if the wheel is bent, it is no longer sealing the rubber tyre, which is dangerous and may ultimately cause the loss of air pressure, lead to a potential blowout.

How are alloy wheels straightened?

The process of straightening an alloy wheel involves heating the damaged area to enable the repair to be performed and strengthen the repaired area once complete. However, considerable force is applied to the wheel during straightening, and we cannot guarantee that the wheel will not crack as a result. The wheel is placed on a rack within the wheel straightening rig which centres the wheel. The wheel shape is then measured with a dial gauge to identify the location of any deformed sections. The process of heating the wheel in the spot to be repaired softens the metal and makes it much less likely that the alloy will crack under the pressure required to straighten the bend.

Can you get alloy wheel straightening at Wheel Collision?

At Wheel Collision, we provide our customers with wheel straightening at a lower cost than replacing alloy wheels, entailing welding and machining with no stripping, polishing or refinishing. You can get our “while-you-wait” service at Wheel Collision Xpress Repair centres, situated at selected TYRES & MORE® and Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores as well as our full refurbishment centres. Check out our locations to find where you can pop in for an appointment today.